Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Face Book Obsessed!

How many of you are on Face Book? Oh my, bad place to go for someone like me who adores all the quizzes and presents that you can send people. I love the place where I can hug someone AND then slap them....BA HA HA! (in love of course) I even found gifts from where I live to send to people. That is so cool because there are people who have moved that I get to share "massive snowbanks" with. BA HA HA!
If you have never been on here...try. It is great. I tried a my space and to quote my cousin "I felt like I was going to have a seizure from all the ads blinking around". I felt that way too, way tooooo busy. Face book isn't like that at all.
You can have a cork board for flair pins, join a cause, throw a sheep, send a salad and have a blast. I love it! If you get on, or are already on, please stop by and say "Hi". Make sure you add in your message you read this so I will know to add you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Confessions of Bedtime

Ok, so I ALMOST made it. I turned off the puter at 1:18. Do I get any points?????

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sleep Depravation for Mommas

I figure at this rate, by the time I am 60, I will get a full night sleep! When I read about the Proverbs 31 woman, I am pretty sure she was exhausted, too. When you are tired, you don't look yourself. Maybe that is why women had to cover thier heads in church ! LOL
A lot of it is my own fault. I am Facebook crazy right now...under Tonya Barker in Albany, NY. I could be on that stupid thing for hours taken quizzes, karate chopping people, giving people sushi and sending them songs. Who would ever want to leave??
Tonight, though, I AM going to go to bed early...hopefully. That is what I say everynight, and I get sucked into something else. Just one more eHow article, one more post, one more link, one more...........
We would tell our children NO, go to bed. Why can we not take our own advice? Ok, why can I not take my own advice. Sorry to through you all in my "soup". Forgive, you all are probably very diligent at getting to bed on time and rising with the dawn. Bottle whatever you have and send it my way, will ya? Sister to sister??
So, I really will attempt sleep before 1 a.m. I promise...and I will even be accountable and tell you all tomorrow. Cross my heart!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Has Started...Sigh

After only 4 days in office, the president took off the ban on overseas abortions. Now, our tax money can go to fund abortions in other countries. Are there not more important issues that OUR country is facing than killing innocent babies in other countries???????
PLEASE click on the Catholic link. I am not a Catholic, but we do agree on this subject. It is right to the point and it WILL bless you.


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Friday, January 23, 2009

Into the Future

We have a new president. A proud day in our nation considering the history we have had with racial issues. I posted in my other website "Our Alphabet Soup" in more depth about how I feel about this historic moment, so please go and see.
I need to remember that NO MATTER WHAT happens, good or bad, in the next four years, God knows. He knows how it will end. He knows the conflicts we will have as a nation. He knows the victories we will have as a nation. There is such peace in that knowledge.
I will be praying for our new president.
I will be praying that his term will be full of God's wisdom.
I will pray that any of President Obama's ideals that are against the will of God will not not come to fruition.
I will pray that the veil that covers his eyes concerning abortion will be lifted.
I will pray that God will put a hedge of protection around him and his family from any racist people in our country that would seek to harm him.
I will pray that he will grow a stronger relationship with our Lord.
I will pray that God will give him the wisdom to help our economy.
I will pray that he will be a leader to turn our country back towards the One who has blessed us for so long.
I will pray that all of us will be praying these prayers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Server Frustration

I have only been doing blogging for 3 weeks. I stepped outside of my comfort zone to get my own domain name and have an "official website". It has been down for 3 days due to: OK ready for this? Terrorist attacks from a hacker to a server at my host server. They can not tell me how long it will take to "do something" to fix it. It has been the THIRD this year and I can do nothing.
Somehow...I got to get to my site a half hour ago, get my post all typed up, ready for my pictures to go in, and............CRASH! Server down.
There are two things that really upset me about this: 1. I haven't been there very long and so my first experience with this company is etched in my mind as "Not the Greatest". 2. I can not do ANYTHING to fix it. I need to rely on someone else to fix it. They don't understand the importance of my site to me. How I NEED to get to it as it creates income.
So instead, I NEED to breathe and give up. I will go to bed and pray that God will send His angels to my host server and get rid of the terrorist hacker thingys that are trying to attack my server.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I will NEVER understand the plumbing in my house. It drives me insane! I got a pellet stove this year for heating which eliminated using the furnace in the basement. BIG MISTAKE! The pellet stove is wonderful..but I think there needs to be a mixture of both.

We have had two days of extreme cold, for us. It was -16 degrees this morning and we have struggled to keep the house at 70 degrees all day. The washer pipes are working because we can use the washer. The kitchen pipes are working because my 8 year old son, Noah, had the distinguished pleasure of doing the dishes! My bathroom sink pipes are running just fine, and so is the toilet. The tub is not. Not only will no water come forth from it's water will go down it's drain.

So we have a space heater in the bathroom, hoping it is a "thawing" issue. Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer so I think this will resolve itself.

BUT until then.....

Shelby, my 14 year old is giving my 18 month old, Joshua a VERY quick bath in the tub. It is needed because he got soap in his hair. His fetish with soaps and lotions are for another post!

Ok, so he is the only one who is going to fit in the sink!

So tonight, everyone will take turns "washing up" in front of the pellet stove with a nice bowl full of warm water. Sounds like fun, huh? It probably will be for the kids...not for me!

Good news...we can wash our hair in the sink. Bad news...I pray the Lord will allow permanent, selective amnesia to anyone who has the misfortune to glance at my porch tonight!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just For Fun

Hello all! I wanted my first post to share a couple of things. The first being the title of my blog.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother, Nani, who is now 84, used to sing to me a song about "loving you a bushel 'n a peck". I don't remember the tune, and I don't think she remembered it much then either. I do remember how much fun the song was and how loved I felt when she sang it to me. I loved that she shared it with me.

Now for the title of the post. How often do mommas really get to do something, for themselves , just for fun? We have fun with our kids, our husbands, our friends. Alone time...does that exist in your life? Not much in mine. So I decided to have this blog Just For Fun! If you are following me from Our Alphabet Soup , you read my "About Me" page and know that I love to be silly. So here is my space to be silly, not 100% momma, or 100% wife. A place to have fun, love, and share, just like Nani did with me when she sang "loving you a bushel 'n a peck"!