Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Face Book Obsessed!

How many of you are on Face Book? Oh my, bad place to go for someone like me who adores all the quizzes and presents that you can send people. I love the place where I can hug someone AND then slap them....BA HA HA! (in love of course) I even found gifts from where I live to send to people. That is so cool because there are people who have moved that I get to share "massive snowbanks" with. BA HA HA!
If you have never been on here...try. It is great. I tried a my space and to quote my cousin "I felt like I was going to have a seizure from all the ads blinking around". I felt that way too, way tooooo busy. Face book isn't like that at all.
You can have a cork board for flair pins, join a cause, throw a sheep, send a salad and have a blast. I love it! If you get on, or are already on, please stop by and say "Hi". Make sure you add in your message you read this so I will know to add you.


Monkey's Mama said...

slowly raised hand. YES I'm a facebook member!

Tonya said...

come and find me! :')