Friday, January 23, 2009

Into the Future

We have a new president. A proud day in our nation considering the history we have had with racial issues. I posted in my other website "Our Alphabet Soup" in more depth about how I feel about this historic moment, so please go and see.
I need to remember that NO MATTER WHAT happens, good or bad, in the next four years, God knows. He knows how it will end. He knows the conflicts we will have as a nation. He knows the victories we will have as a nation. There is such peace in that knowledge.
I will be praying for our new president.
I will be praying that his term will be full of God's wisdom.
I will pray that any of President Obama's ideals that are against the will of God will not not come to fruition.
I will pray that the veil that covers his eyes concerning abortion will be lifted.
I will pray that God will put a hedge of protection around him and his family from any racist people in our country that would seek to harm him.
I will pray that he will grow a stronger relationship with our Lord.
I will pray that God will give him the wisdom to help our economy.
I will pray that he will be a leader to turn our country back towards the One who has blessed us for so long.
I will pray that all of us will be praying these prayers.


Matthew H said...

Being that he is pro-abortion and is signing executive orders to be providing aid to those who perform abortions, I thought you may have a different view about this new president. Might as well say goodbye to Roe V Wade as well after his appointed supreme court justice takes the bench.

Tonya said...

Matt, did you read my other post about President Obama at
Maybe this is a test from God to his believers. Will we all sit on our hands this time...or will we use the voice God has given us to try to stop some of this?
Criticizing this president is going to be difficult due to his skin color. That is sad because whenever an African American, or Hispanic, or Asian person criticized President Bush, we didn't scream "Racist" to them.
It will be a challenge.