Saturday, January 17, 2009


I will NEVER understand the plumbing in my house. It drives me insane! I got a pellet stove this year for heating which eliminated using the furnace in the basement. BIG MISTAKE! The pellet stove is wonderful..but I think there needs to be a mixture of both.

We have had two days of extreme cold, for us. It was -16 degrees this morning and we have struggled to keep the house at 70 degrees all day. The washer pipes are working because we can use the washer. The kitchen pipes are working because my 8 year old son, Noah, had the distinguished pleasure of doing the dishes! My bathroom sink pipes are running just fine, and so is the toilet. The tub is not. Not only will no water come forth from it's water will go down it's drain.

So we have a space heater in the bathroom, hoping it is a "thawing" issue. Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer so I think this will resolve itself.

BUT until then.....

Shelby, my 14 year old is giving my 18 month old, Joshua a VERY quick bath in the tub. It is needed because he got soap in his hair. His fetish with soaps and lotions are for another post!

Ok, so he is the only one who is going to fit in the sink!

So tonight, everyone will take turns "washing up" in front of the pellet stove with a nice bowl full of warm water. Sounds like fun, huh? It probably will be for the kids...not for me!

Good news...we can wash our hair in the sink. Bad news...I pray the Lord will allow permanent, selective amnesia to anyone who has the misfortune to glance at my porch tonight!

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Tonya said...

Just wanted to give an update. We have water!! After plunging, using space heater, and putting lots of hot water in the tub, we have water. Praise the Lord...He is good...can I get an "Amen"! Another "All-Purpose" woman moment. If you don't know what an "All-Purpose Woman" moment, check out the article "All-Purpose Women" at