Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Server Frustration

I have only been doing blogging for 3 weeks. I stepped outside of my comfort zone to get my own domain name and have an "official website". It has been down for 3 days due to: OK ready for this? Terrorist attacks from a hacker to a server at my host server. They can not tell me how long it will take to "do something" to fix it. It has been the THIRD this year and I can do nothing.
Somehow...I got to get to my site a half hour ago, get my post all typed up, ready for my pictures to go in, and............CRASH! Server down.
There are two things that really upset me about this: 1. I haven't been there very long and so my first experience with this company is etched in my mind as "Not the Greatest". 2. I can not do ANYTHING to fix it. I need to rely on someone else to fix it. They don't understand the importance of my site to me. How I NEED to get to it as it creates income.
So instead, I NEED to breathe and give up. I will go to bed and pray that God will send His angels to my host server and get rid of the terrorist hacker thingys that are trying to attack my server.

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