Monday, February 23, 2009

"Thin-skinned" Blogger

Wow, I am shocked and bewildered! Last night I had 9 followers and this afternoon I had 6. I lost three people. Hmmmm. So how do you NOT sit here and wonder why? Why did they "ditch" you? Should you feel hurt, rejected? I am not sure. Since I am a newbie here, I don't have 40 followers and so when 3 leave, it is kinda big!
What do you do when you know WHO stopped following you? Should you feel offended? Should you keep following them? Should you ask them? What if you listed them in your blog list? Should you keep that? Is it personal?
Was it something you wrote? Was it that you weren't writing enough? Did you break some kind of "Blogger Rules" that no one talks about because everyone should "just know"?
Could it be a "Since you follow me, I feel obligated to follow you" kind of thing? Well, if that is the case, you don't have to. I choose to follow you because I like what you say and I find your blog interesting. I would love for you to come look at mine, but if you don't, that is fine.
If you are wondering, YES! I was the kind of girl in school that was liked by the majority of people and when someone didn't like me, it really bothered me. I try to be nice to everyone. I try to show love and kindness to everyone. So things like this will drive me insane for awhile.
I guess, I will be like Jesus! I will shake the dust off my sandals in their "towns" and move on to people that will appreciate me!


Mica said...

oh sweety, I have no clue what is in people's heads. I certainly wouldn't take it to heart. But I am also sensitive like that. I should tell you all about my Facebook encounters. BAD !!!! I left it too. That is quite a bit of people in one day though. I would wonder too !! I didn't leave though. Hmmmm. well. This was a good post but, I hope you will find peace that they are just missing a nice genuine place. Just like friends, I would rather have my few really good friends that care and are close rather than a bunch anyway. I hope you get what I am saying. Hugs, Mica

Shelby said...

I LOVE this post! I didn't know you were such a people pleaser!!! Keep on Typing!!!

Roger said...

There is no doubt that you wrote this post straight from your heart. It rings, "Tonya". I would say to you...."worry not about the ones that move away,you can't control them. Keep posting from your heart and your true followers will continue to follow and continue to enjoy your posts.

I agree with Mica, I'd rather have a few GOOD friends rather than alot of 'fair weather' friends.

Just my humble opinion. Keep up the good work here.

Anonymous said...

Just stay true to youself. You are only answerable to God, not any of these people on If someone wants to stop following you..they are not worth a moment of sadness.

Shelley said...

I had the same thing happen and I had a good blog friend ask me why I stopped following her blog. I hadn't stopped! She found something in the Help section about it. Apparently some people who were following and signed up for some other service (can't remember what it was called) were switched to following anonymously. So these people are likely still following you, they've just be switched to anonymous followers so they won't show up for you. I don't remember the whole explanation! But I think they're probably still following you!

Brenda said...

I've only just found your blog, but you have a 'giggle' way of writing and I like I will be following...

p.s. a 'giggle' way of writing means that you have made me smile or giggle... ;)


Angi said...

Us women over think EVERY thing! If 3 people stopped following you, they obviously either made a mistake or have poor taste! Oops, that's not very Christian is it. You're right, be like Jesus and just turn the other cheek. I feel we have kindred spirits in some sort of womanly motherly way. God bless you!