Wednesday, March 25, 2009

April Fool's Day Share-a -Prank Program

There are not many days left to pull an awesome prank on someone you love. April Fool's day is one of the more "fun" holidays cause ya get to do "something" to "someone" and you don't get in trouble cause it is "April Fool's Day!" Ya got to love it, don't ya?!

If you have not read my post Pulling A Prank On Your Child - Evil or Genius? please do so. It will give a glimpse into my adoration for a great prank. But sadly, I am running out. I am NOT empty, just running out. I need YOU! And, I think we could help each other and many other people who suffer from "cannothinkofanyprank-tosis"

Please share some great pranks that we can pull on other non-suspecting people. I will be posting after April Fool's Day to see how you all did.

Here are a few of the ones I have in "storage".

Oreo cookies swap-er-roo! Get a package of Oreo or Oreo like cookies. Anything with a "white" filling. Scrape out the filling and replace it with.....? 1. cream cheese
2. sour cream
3. toothpaste
4. lotion

Lemony Mouthwash! Take either a fresh lemon or lemon juice and squirt it in the bottle of mouthwash. (make sure you have another bottle to replace or split it up between bottles.)

Cool Whip Wake Up! Make sure you cool whip is room temp or you will wake them up before you want to. Take some and place it some in their hands and either tickle their nose, or wake them up..and voila! Cool Whip Wake Up!

Switching things are always fun....think of some you can do....regular Listerine/apple juice
salt/sugar, cola/root beer, sprite/seltzer water. The possibilities are endless!

So, please share yours, take mine, and let's have some fun April 1st. Don't forget, to keep track of what you did so you can share afterwards!

(my evil laugh)
Long Live April Fool's Day!


SiSi said...

LOL the one about the oreo cookies is hilarious! Um.. you know what, I am not very good at this kind of stuff, I had a good laugh just reading your post:) thanx^^

Brenda said...

Boy do I wish my mind worked like yours...LOL...I'm no good at that kind of on the other hand are a pro! grin...

Raggedy Girl said...

What a cute and yet diabolical post.

Have a Thankful Thursday
from Roberta Anne