Saturday, March 21, 2009

Facebook - The Worst Thing I could do?

"Hi, my name's Tonya"
"I'm a Facebook addict. I have been using for only 3 months now. I spread my addiction to others via Flairs, sending "What 80's Song are You" quizzes, and Super Poke Pet, Farm Town, myFarm, and Pet Society invitations. I also slip them some 'Smiles', 'Hugs', and 'Upstate NY Gifts'. I can't stop. I have even gotten my children involved so I can earn more money on my Poke Pet game!"

Do you or any one you know have these problems? GOOD! I am not the only one.
I have set up Facebook accounts for both of my kids. My daughter first because she found one of her homeschool friends were on there. It was a great way to chat because they rarely see each other. She immediately got into all the virtual pet applications and then went into "farming". Being that she loves farms and animals..she is in heaven.

My son just recently joined. He is the "flair" giver. I love it because the flairs he sends to people show his personality in a way I don't get to see. He is choosing on his OWN what to send. I find it so funny. He, of course, loves the pet and farming, as well. The only difference is that he keeps wanting to interact with everyone! If he sees a "friend" on, he is "chatting" with them in a second. He even does it to me and we are sitting across the room!

I really debated getting them on Facebook. But, after being on it myself, I see all the control I can have with it to give them a safe environment. I can control who sees them, which the most important part to me. We are sitting in the same room, so I can see what they are doing at all times. I have not come across an application I thought was bad. I am sure they are there..but we aren't looking for them nor do the people we are "friends" with. They always ask me "who is so and so..and can I be friends with them." There are some flair that are questionable, or don't fall in line with our beliefs. I kinda look at that like going to Wal-Mart or a mall. There are shirts there that say things I don't like, but we still "see" them. As long as we don't buy them and wear them is the important thing.

All in all it has been a very positive experience. They are having conversations, on their own, with relatives who live across country that they would never get to talk to. They get to share their beliefs and life choices through different things they show on their profile. I am encouraged by the way they are handling themselves and interacting with others.

The only downside is that they are now kicking ME off my laptop so they can get on Facebook! I need another computer!


Raggedy Girl said...

I have many friends who love Face Book. They have parking wars. You oversight of the kids sounds really smart. I have stayed away from Face Book, Twitter and all the rest... because I already feel a little guilty at the time spent blogging and I love it so that I don't want to do to much but it is intriguing...

Sunday Blessings
from Roberta Anne

Brenda said...

I joined Facebook a couple months back and I'm so confused and when I do get on it to try to figure out how things work, I can't leave!

Like I need more things to occupy my time...I could be doing dishes, cleaning house, doing the think I just remembered something on Facebook I need to learn...If you can still see out the kitchen window, then the pile of dirty dishes isn't that bad...right? grin...

Nightowl Mama said...

a lot of friends and childhood friends that i lost contact have found me on facebook. Some i'd rather stay hidden from. high school applications, diva dress app, mofia app, sport team app, its just so addicting, My husbands high school friends and family have added themselves to my profile to keep intouch with him. YEs he needs his own profile page! but that would mean more time on the computer and what if his old girlfriends looked him up...OH no way he's getting a page!
I just got a new lap top so dh and I didn't have to share. Check freecycle to get one for the kids.

Trina said...

That too funny what Nightowl Mama said....I hear that about some of those friends we were hoping stayed lost...teehehe...I don't like the look of the new facebook, but hopefully the powers that be will listen and change it back!!

Raggedy Girl said...


I am back, thank you for stopping by and I know what you are talking about with your Mom. It is so hard. My Mom did have Alzheimers and it was the hardest time of my life but I never regretted putting my life on hold for her. I will pray for you as you deal with such a hard time.

Roberta Anne

Frazzled Nanny said...

I don't have a facebook profile (yet). My sister is helping me "muddle" through my BLOG. If I catch onto that, maybe I'll do facebook. =P Love your BLOG. By the way, you mentioned some questionable things on facebook. I can't remember what it's called but if you're interested I'll find out, there is a Christian "facebook" that might work for children. Just let me know if you're interested and I'll get you the name of the site. Blessings!

Mica said...

well Facebook actually ruined a couple of friendships and took away valued family time for us so I left it a few months ago. I love to blog though !!! Anyhoo....I wanted to let you know I am having a just because give away so hope to see ya stop bye !! Hugs to you... have a great week !! Mica

Trina said...

So what is this farming thing? One of your friends asked me how I was doing with MY farming, and I had to inform him that I was blissfully ignorant of what this practice involves. If it involves me getting into the dirt...not gonna happen...LOL

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