Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Don't Understand The Workings of A Boy Brain

Just a little background before the story. I am an ONLY child. My mother's side had predominately girls. When a boy happened to come, we all acted like ...what do I do with this? There are 7 1st cousin girls, and 3 boys. On my father's side, any boy was much younger or much older, so there was very little interaction.

OK, so God decided to bless me with 2 boys and 1 girl. When my first son came, I was terrified. The first thing that terrified me was the "plumbing"! Especially after circumcision. Praise the Lord my mom was here then, not that she knew a whole lot, but together, we got through that stage. He was also my first child to be breast fed. WHOLE new world there, too.

He was sweet and loving but had a horrible temper. Still does. But all this is beside the point. I am here to discuss the "workings of a boy brain".
Last night, my baby boy was drinking from his milk cup in my bed. I figured he would just go to sleep. Of course not...what a silly thought. He ends up stepping on the cup, popping the top off, and the milk streamed down to where I was sitting. I h
ave no clue this has happened until I felt COLD wet on my thigh. That is when I realized and I started yelling for my eldest son to come and help. I tell him to get a towel. My obedient boy runs to the bathroom and brings me back the towel his sister dried off with when she showered an hour ago. It is still damp. I tell him I can not sop up wet with a wet towel. So, I am expecting to get a dry towel. He comes back with a wetter towel. I am starting to lose it a bit as the milk is all over me and seeping into my MEMORY FOAM mattress top. I say, again , I don't need a wet towel. He comes back a third time with a dripping wet towel!!! AGHHHHH!
OK, mom's you know there comes moments in your parenting career when you kinda "lose" it. When you "blow your stack". This was my moment. I just could NOT understand why he would continually bring me a wet towel to soak up something wet.

I ask him, "When you clean up a pee spot from the puppy, you put a paper towel or napkin on it. Do you ever wet these before you try to clean it up?" He agreed that you didn't. But gave me NO explanation to why he kept bringing me wet towels. I needed one.
It was like he zoned in on the word "wet" and kept taking it out of context and thought that I was asking for a wet towel instead of me telling him not to bring me a wet towel. Lazy thinking? I just don't know. At some point, I thought that "common sense" would prevail...yes I know silly me.
I am hoping that I am going "get" the "workings of a boy brain"
because I have another one coming up the ranks. My daughter leaves me in 4 years and I will be left with these "boy brains"! Do they have a "Dummies" book for this?

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Boys confound me too!

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