Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Please Explain Emergency Rooms To Me!

What a rough Sunday. Mom and Dad had to rush Noah to ER because he was jumping on the couch and his foot slipped in the crevice that is in the back..and there was a metal "springy thingy" and it stabbed him between his toes.

OK, it is NOT like he hasn't be told ....ummm...let me least....5,000,000,000 times NOT to jump on the couch. (I may have exaggerated by a hundred or two!)

So we get there at around 11:30 pm. I am so excited because I only see TWO people in the waiting room. YEAH! This will be a short visit.

Yes, little things like that DO excite me. I am easy to please!

So Dad is carrying him in and we tell them what happen and *poof* we are in with the nurse to get the "story", and *poof* we are at the station where you go through all the insurance information. And I am as pleased as punch that we are zipping through all these steps. And then I say it. The words you are not ever suppose to utter in an ER. And...I even whispered it. "Wow! There aren't a lot of people here tonight." I figured since I whispered it, I was safe.

No I do not believe in some ER god. And I am sure, by now, you know where I am headed.

So we are told to go sit in the waiting room. That is fine. NOW, there is only ONE person in there! I am watching out the window to the entrance so I can see any ambulances coming. I see none. We settle in, and begin our wait. LMN or Lifetime Movie Network was on and showing "The Natalee Holloway Story". I can deal with this. I felt so bad for that mom, now I will see the REAL story.

The movie was actually really good and if you get a chance, watch it. And don't let your children EVER go to Aruba, on a Senior class trip, where the drinking and gambling ages are 18. That whole "stupid senior trip" could be a whole other post!

An hour later, we are still sitting there. They gave my son a wheelchair, and he is pushing himself around the whole waiting room. The ONE person there, is a little scary, and repeatedly asks us if we smoke. I guess "NO" really means "YES, but I am not going to give you a cigarette, but if you keep asking me I will wear down and give you one?" We thought she was waiting for someone, till she was called in. Now down to just us, and we are in hour 2.

Did I ever tell you that on a scale of 1 to 10, in the patience area, I would have to say a 4. Now, in an ER waiting room, at 1:30 in the morning, it is about 1.

I had enough and asked Dad to go ask what the deal was. "All the rooms are full." But there is no one here but us. I hadn't seen 1 ambulance come...wah wah wah. Hour 3 rolls around and I am about ready to bite the arm of my chair off. This is crazy, I don't understand, it isn't like he has to have blood tested, or urine or a brain scan! He just needs his toes cleaned of blood and looked at.

We didn't clean the wound cause Dad kinda looked pale and said, "We need to go now!"

Around 3 am, we finally get called in. The lady who took our insurance information looked at me as we walked in and said , "You jinxed us!" Which I kindly reminded her that I only whispered it. The nurse walks us to our "room" and informs us that we will still have a "long" wait as the, yes THE, doctor is still checking people out. Hey, I don't care cause we are in, so I am, in my unrealistic mind, thinking "long" will only be 20-30 minutes. We were so lucky to have been put in a "room" directly across from where the, yes THE doctor sits at a computer doing....ummm what , I don't know. Which is the whole problem with this situation.

Remember my "patience scale", I am now at -4. Oh, and did I tell you that sometimes I get vocal when I am at that level?

PLAY: For another hour and a half, we watched her come and go from the computer. I am playing games with Noah, and Dad is sleeping...(could do another post on that alone). I am getting more and more irritated. It is catchy, because the more I am calmly and quietly complaining, the more irritated I am getting Dad. Dad isn't as calm and quiet as I am. Poor man. I am just rambling on about why this is take so long, why there is only one doctor..THE doctor, why no one has even come in to ask us what is going on or if we even want something to drink since they OBVIOUSLY know, by now, that we have been there for 4 hours. I also discuss with Dad how it should be done. Ok, here is the plan. I am THE doctor and I examine patient A. "A" needs blood work, and I know that is going to take 30 minutes to an hour, so I move on to patient B. "B" needs blood work,too, and urine as well. I order them and move on to patient C. "C" needs stitches, so I ask the nurse to prep the patient by cleaning the wound and getting the necessary equipment ready for me. Now by this time, the blood work has come back for "A" and I "do" whatever it tells me...let's say there is an infection, so I will give "A" antibiotics through and IV. On to "B" who seems to have normal blood work, so maybe I will consult "someone" via phone, they aren't there so I leave a message. "C" is getting a shot in the area needed for stitching and I sew them up very nicely, prescribe some antibiotics and send them on their way. I am now going back to "A" and writing a prescription for continued antibiotics and a follow up with their regular doctor in 3 to 5 days.

No, I am not in the medical profession, but have had to play one many times with the aches and pains of my children, and unfortunately, too many ER visits!

The "someone" has called me back and after discussing it, have decided to admit them for further testing.
OK, was that all too difficult. I do realize that ambulances come in and things get out of whack. But, again, I didn't see any ambulances come, not was there even any "loud" noises in the ER. Noah and I were the loudest. (surprises you, I know.)
Finally, the....yes THE doctor shows up to look and we are now on the move. No stitches, no broken toes, nasty puncture would and some "lacerations". He got Tylenol Codeine and some antibiotics, prescription for more and off we went. We were the easiest, but we are made to wait last. I agree that those with breathing problems and such need to go. Noah's wasn't life threatening. But, good grief, there has to be a better way than making a family wait 6 hours for an ER visit! We all got home when the sun was coming up and we were so exhausted. I had 1 1/2 hours of sleep before I had to get up to go to a doctor's appointment myself! I don't even remember half of what she said!

So, here's the thing, I would love to know if any of you know the "inside scoop" on ER's. Maybe, if I understand it more, I won't be so impatient. Or could at least try to be. Educate me.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ahhhhh Spring.

Spring has sprung..and what that means in my house is sickness! Every spring and fall one or many of us are sick. So far, it is just the boys with the runny nose, fever, and coughing all night.
The sun is shining and the snow has finally melted. Praise Jesus!
Crocuses are up and there was actually a warm breeze the other day! After the sickness has "left the building". We will be trying to get the bikes out, working on the garden, blowing bubbles, and drawing on the driveway with chalk.
Ahhhhhhhh spring...nice to see you again.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter "Stuff"

I thought I would share some links about great Easter activities.

Resurrection Cookies Recipe

Resurrection Eggs Game

Fun Easter Games

Share your favorite Easter activity with us.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Different Kind of Easter

A friend of mine just recently lost her niece in a car accident. I believe she was only 19 years old. She was saved and that knowledge helped the grieving family so much to know they would see her again one day.
The other day on Facebook, this same friend said that she " was struck by the realization that Tyla will be celebrating Easter in HIS presence!!" It gave me chills.
We as Christians, celebrate this season as the Resurrection of Jesus, who died for us so we would not know "death" or separation from God, if we would just accept His gift of Salvation. It isn't about bunnies or is about an empty tomb.
I think of those who have passed away this year in my life. Some knew the King and some did not. How awesome to be them celebrating this most glorious holiday with the Savior!
I pray that in this time of family gatherings, if you have someone who went "home", take heart and know they are with The Risen Lamb of God!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Children's Fun April Fool's Day..Ok Maybe It Was MOMMY's Fun Day!

Oh what a day it was. BA HA HA!!

I scraped off the frosting from inside the oreos and replaced it with Desitin.
I squirted lemon juice into a glass of apple juice my son was drinking.
I squirted lemon juick into the mouthwash my daughter uses.
I filled a glass 3/4 full with Mylanta -mint flavor, and then filled it the rest of the way with milk. I then proceeded to dunk "regular" oreos into it and pretended to eat them. After I saw some crumbs in the drink, I asked my milk-loving daughter if she wanted the rest because I was "full". She agreed.
I gave my daughter a Cool Whip facial. Her skin never felt so soft.

Ahhhhh....busy, busy day for a hard workin' momma!

How about you?? What did you all do for April Fool's Day?