Sunday, January 17, 2010

eHow Again

I have not written an article on eHowfor a few months now...maybe even since spring. I don't know why I neglect THAT but make sure my farm is taken care of on Facebook. My farm isn't making me any money, not even a penny. eHow, on the other hand, has consistently earned me between $25 to $30 a month since mid year. One of my articles has earned almost $50 on its own.

It works, eHow really works and I would be foolish to keep neglecting it. Depending on the article, it only takes a few minutes to put an article up. ..not including the hunt for pictures.

I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a way to make some residual income. I think the most consumption of my time is the networking you should do. Reading articles by your "friends" on eHow, commenting, rating the article, and then recommending the member. I am going to start doing about 10 a night. When they see you have looked at and commented on their articles, they will return the favor. There is a definite relationship between how many people are looking at your articles and the and my monthly amount. The more articles I am reading, rating and recommending, the more times MY articles get the same treatment and the greater the increase in my monthly check! I have 38 articles right now. Imagine if I had 100 or more and let's say I continue to average $25 for every 38 articles ( it sooo doesn't work that way..but let's just pretend for minute). I could be making close to $100 a month! I like that. Income rolling in and I am not doing much work or the work I am doing is something I like anyways...telling people what to do! What could be better?

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