Friday, January 22, 2010

Lack Of Faith Or Common Sense?

Recently we are in a dilemma with my daughter and her knee. She is planning on going to Peru for a missions trip in April. She is 15 and so excited about it! Problem is she hurt her knee. She had an X-ray and a MRI done. We are waiting for results as the mission trip for her hinges on them.

So my struggle is always the same. Are the hurdles a sign that she should not go... or Satan just attacking? Am I to look at them as a growing opportunity for my faith or an opportunity to use my common sense?

On and on my mind goes. I could analyze forever, but that is not biblical. One of my many weaknesses is NOT being able to take that step of faith unless I can see the light shining on it! Anyone else like that? Can I get an "Amen"? It is not the way God intended for us to walk with Him. I know that He did not tell Abram exactly how he would travel to where He intended him to go. And did Abram say, Um...can ya let me know the route so I feel better inside about this trip. If I know where I am going, I will be able to be more obedient. " NO! He just went.

I need faith and obedience like that.

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Night Owl Mama said...

15 yrs old and traveling wow I don't think I'd let her go unless I was going with. Good luck with your decision its a touch one. HUGs