Friday, January 15, 2010

My Husband Found A Cure For Sickness!

If you have not realized this by now, I am very sarcastic. My pastor always is saying to me, "Tonya, it isn't WHAT you say, it is HOW you say it!"

We are all being hit with a nasty virus that I started out with. Sore throat, stuffy nose, then runny nose and coughing..coughing..coughing! Unfortunately, my 2 year old got this and has had extremely high fevers along with an unending cough that always puts a chill through a mother's heart. My 9 year old has Asthma, ( I think my 2 year old does as well, but not as bad, yet) and of course it went right to his chest. My daughter and hubby have been able to fend this off. I am on my second week of it due to a sinus infection that I JUST today got some antibiotics for...woo hoo!..I will be able to hear again and have balance!

So on to the CURE!

My hubs has some cough medicine his doctor gave him a while ago. Now this cough medicine has codeine in it! I KNOW it was given to him because he was coughing a lot and the codeine is meant to knock you out so you can get some rest from the annoying coughing. The "cough syrup" part is either an expectorant or suppressant..or both. Well, he thinks he is getting this, so he informs me he is going to take his medicine. I tell him, in probably NOT the nicest tone, that he needs to take it when he is coughing like his 2 year old and is turning purple trying to stop.

But men are like teenagers sometimes...they think they know everything.

He came home from work. I heard him cough softly once. The next thing I know, my 9 year old is in the bedroom tattling on daddy! "Dad took a big swig from the BOTTLE, mom, the BOTTLE!"

"Oh Dear, can I talk to you? Did you take that medicine?"

"Yeah, it will knock this right out of me"

"Knock what out of coughed once! You need to take it when you are repeatedly having coughing fits! You have coughed once."

"Honey, I coughed so hard on the way home, I gagged!"

"Well, dear, that could have been from the cold air outside or the warm air you had blowing on you in the car. You have only coughed once here."

"Well, I know my body and this will knock it out of me."

"But the cough syrup is NOT a doesn't cure the sickness! It is only for coughing and sleeping! How much did you take?"

"A teaspoon."

"You did not! You drank out of the bottle!"

"Well I know how much needs to go in my mouth...."

Ok, hand went up as I interrupted and said "OH GIVE ME A BREAK!" and went to bed!

Men....I know God gave them to how to live with them!

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