Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Legislative Day - Lesson's Learned

Today was a very special day for two reasons. One, it was my dear friend's birthday.."Shout out to Adirondack Trina!" Two, it was Legislative Day. My daughter..."Shout out to Today, Shelby Says!", my friend, and I went to our state's capital for Legislative Day. For those of you who do not know what Legislative Day is, it is a day that I get to go and listen to speakers, senators, and assembly persons who believe in the same things I do: Jesus is the ONLY way, Pro-Life, Marriage between a man and a woman, etc. I guess you would call it Republican Conservatism's...but there were Democratic Senators there also, believing in the same thing.

I wanted to share a couple of things I learned today because I am hoping that they will inspire you the way they inspired me.
1. Politics and Faith - Many people want the representatives to keep their faith out of their politics. One speaker said today that their faith was their "Moral Compass" and what could be better than a belief in Jesus Christ and in God's Word (which USED to be THE "moral compass" of our founding fathers) to be his "moral compass"? I agree. I am a mom and I see the morality of our world going down, down, down. I want a representative who has morals, and what would be better than having God's morals!

2. We need to be PRAYING! How much time do you take to pray for your senators, assembly persons, governor, president, or our nation? How "bad" does it have to get until you do? One example a speaker gave was : When you have had your children taken away from you because you have been found to be" abusive parents" because you shared the gospel with them...will that be "bad" enough to pray?" ( paraphrasing) Boy did that get me thinking. Many Christians are just "sitting on their hands" instead of being prayer warriors and being BOLD! I don't mean bold as in "in your face", I mean bold as in not being afraid to share their view, opinion, or feelings on issues. So I ask my self..along with you...How "bad" does it have to get to be praying daily for people in office and our nation?

3. All life is precious. I have always believed this, but today....oh my. The key note speaker was the defense attorney for Terri Shiavo. Do you remember her? Do you remember how the COURT ruled to kill her by a slow, painful death of starvation? Not many people were there in the last days and hours of Terri's life, but he was. He explained how there was a POLICE OFFICER in Terri's hospice room with STRICT orders from the courts to arrest Terri's mom if she gave her ice chips...she couldn't even wipe her daughter's brow. I can NOT imagine watching my child go through this, and having some COURT rule to KILL her in front of my eyes, and be helpless to stop it. By the way, in case you didn't know, the judge that ruled to have her put to death, NEVER stepped ONE foot into her hospice room to meet her, see her, talk with her. If you were going to make this landmark ruling, don't you think you would have done that? I will be honest and tell you I had to leave the room. I could NOT take the details of her final hours. I was already so emotional, empathizing with Terri's mother. I just couldn't listen to anymore. I stepped out until he was finished those details.

There was another speaker, a college student who went around the country posing as a 13 year-old pregnant girl. She would go into planned parenthood and explain to them that she was pregnant by her "31 year-old-boyfriend". Law requires you report this to the police as it is rape. She is rigged up with a hidden microphone and camera. We watched as the nurse told her to LIE about her age and LIE about the age of the "boyfriend" so she wouldn't have to report it. Of course, Planned Parenthood fired these people and covered it up as quickly as possible. Kudos to her for exposing this #1 Abortion Providing Clinic in our country. Life...it is too precious. I believe life starts at conception....THE END!

I walked away from my state's capitol feeling renewed, educated, apprehensive, and sad. I am renewed in my commitment to my prayer life. Prayer is a powerful tool and God is just waiting to hear from me. I need to cry out to Him and pray for our nation, the unborn, and the "moral compasses" of our leaders. I was certainly educated on the STUPID bills that are trying to be passed in our congress , what they entail, and how I can let my representative know that I DO NOT want them. I am apprehensive of our future. Many, many things have changed with this past presidential election. I am apprehensive of his "moral compass". Many pro-life bans will be overturned. How long will God keep His wrath from us? I am saddened for all those lives lost. I am saddened for the girl that is scared and doesn't know where to turn because she is pregnant and terminates the life of her child. I am saddened for Terri Shiavo's family and all those that have been "murdered" in the same way.

I realize that this post is a bit heavy for my usual light heartiness. But I must be BOLD and I encourage you to be BOLD, too!

P.S. both Adirondack Trina and Today, Shelby Says wrote about Legislative Day, too. Check out their experiences.


Shelby said...

One word.... AWESOME!!!!! Good job!

Mica said...

I am right there with you on all that !!! Great post !!! We keep on praying. Hugs to you this week. Mica

Roger said...

What is happening now is a result of people voting for "an image." Very few people research a person before voting for him. Obama was seen by so many as "the first black" a young guy wanting CHANGE. People jumped on the bandwagon because "it was cool" to be with the crowd. Now we have to live with the result of the "cool one."

Great post. Hope it opens the eyes of everyone who reads it.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for this random comment but I noticed that you are a follower of Delightful Dots... I wanted to let you know about a new site that was opened in Jan. if you are not aware of it already. It is quite similar to DD in style... Check them out and see what you think!