Saturday, January 9, 2010

Homeschooling Parents Arrested For Endangering The Welfare Of Their Children

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a horrible, true event that is not at the end yet.

This family, who I know very well, are good Christian parents who homeschool 4 boys. They were arrested this past Monday for not registering their children with the school district. The charges were: endangering the welfare of a child. Come on!!!!! I want someone on the face of this planet to explain to me how not filing a piece of paper endangers the welfare of a child!!
For more detailed information please go to this link: Home Schooling Couple Arrested

As I said, I know this family and KNOW that she has been homeschooling them and MORE (they have a farm) for the whole 7 years in question. I would even understand the endangerment charged if they DIDN'T homeschool their children for the past 7 years because of the need for some education for anyone to succeed. But that is NOT the case here. Matter of fact, we use the same curriculum!

My husband was in his car listening to the Rush Limbaugh show when it was announced! The Rush Limbaugh show! We are talking about a tiny community here and it was on a national radio show. Next he heard it on Fox News. I was horrified for them.

HSDLA -The Home School Legal Defense Association heard...HEARD about this and contacted the family. Check this article out on what they are saying: Attorney For Home School Couple Says Arrest Was Unnecessary and Highly Unusual

How did this all start? Some nosey person saw the kids outside during school hours and called Child Protective Services. These parent's pictures...were splattered all over the T.V. and through every paper were article after article of half truths. The sheriff who arrested them made the statement "The boys were very polite and seemed somewhat educated." Who made him judge over who is educated and who isn't? Now ready for the clincher? They were approached prior to the arrest with the problem of non-regisgtration. The investigator came in and made statements to the newspapers that there was hardly any sign of homeschooling. But according to the family, they tried to show him and he said he didn't need to see it. HUH? Child Protective Services helped them and got the kids registered and the curriculum sent in to the school. So the problem solved! Nope..they arrested them later and the investigator even said that they were going to make examples out of them. The father was told of a radio show talking about all of this and he called in. Here are more details with a link to the radio interview at the end: Home School Dad Speaks Out About Arrest

So the county wanted to make an example out of them. I feel, that God will be glorified in this, this family will be lifted up. The outpouring of support is overwhelming and it is just getting bigger and bigger. This story is spreading and spreading, and it needs to. Who is going to be next? The government, despite what they think, do not own our children. God gave them to us. the parents. Please do not take my words as I don't care about the REALLY abused children. I am thankful that there is an agency to step in and protect, but this is NOT the case. And as with all things, it seems, the government goes too overboard and too far in every situation.

Please pray for this family and I will keep you all updated as to how this is progressing.

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